HOMELegal RemunerationsTextbook


Under Copyright Act(Use for the Purpose of School Education, etc.), a work already made public may be reproduced in textbooks(government-issued books, authorized books, approved books, guide books) to the extent deemed necessary for the purpose of education in high schools, their equivalents, or lower level schools. A person who intends to exploit a work shall pay remuneration fees to the owner of author’s property rights according to the criteria for compensation as determined and published by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism(hereafter "MCST"). The right to be compensated shall be exercised by KOLAA.(Copyright Act, Article 25.1, and Enforcement Ordinance 2)


KOLAA has been authorized to collect remuneration fees by MCST under Korea Copyright Act. KOLAA collects and distributes the remuneration fees.

  • Published works :
    copyright works being released to public in the forms of exhibition of artistic works, publication of books and dissertations, and release of movies or music albums.
  • Relevant law :
    Korea Copyright Act. Article 25.1 and Enforcement Ordinance 2

Remuneration Distribution

  • For whom to distribute :
    the copyright owners whose works in literary, visual arts and musical sheets which have been used in textbooks
  • Distributing period :
    for three years from the date of distribution notification by KOLAA.
  • How to apply :
    the copyright owners should fill out the application form and submit it with the relevant documents.