Infringement of Copyright

HOMECopyright ProtectionInfringement of Copyright

Copyright infringement means using rightsholder’s works without his/her permission. If you infringe copyright, you could be fined or punished by law.
KOLAA cracks down on the copyright works KOLAA manages and relieves ones who infringed the copyright.

Types of Infringement

  • Infringement of property rights :
    Reproducingㆍdistributingㆍperformingㆍexhibitingㆍpublic transmitting(broadcastingㆍtransmittingㆍdigital voice transmitting) rightsholder’s work without his/her permission or making derivative works.
  • Infringement of author's moral rights :
    Publishing rightsholder’s work without his/her permission(infringement of the right of publication), changing or missing out rightsholder’s name(infringement of the right to indicate one’s real name), changing contentsㆍformsㆍtitles(infringement of the right to maintain the identity of the content)
  • Infringement of author's right of reputation :
    Using the copyright works by ruining a author’s honor.

Copyright Protection