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  • Copyright owners will be paid royalties for their works being used
    KOLAA licenses copyshops, companies and governments to reproduce using the public photocopy machine, collects the licence fees from them and distributes to copyright owner.
  • Legal remuneration fees will be collected and distributed easily.
    Under Korea Copyright Act. Article 25(Use for the Purpose of School Education, etc.) and Article 31(Reproduction, etc. in Libraries, etc), KOLAA has been appointed by MCST to carry out the collection and distribution of legal remuneration. We distribute the legal remuneration to the copyright owner at least once a year.
  • Lawful Use through Licensing
    KOLAA permits the supplier and the user of electronic books in library through licensing for reprography and transmission so that the individual's copyrights can be protected from copyright infringement. The main purpose of licensing is to promote lawful use of works in order to contribute to the development of service quality, transparency of distribution to copyright owner and copyright protection.
  • Redress Copyright Infringement
    With the rapid technology development of photocopying machines and computer networks, copyright works can be easily and widely infringed these days. Moreover it is not easy for the individuals to keep their own copyright in full due to lose of time and money. By collection, abandonment and deletion of illegal reproductions on/off line, KOLAA brings a civil/criminal action against the Related violator when there is infringement in relation with the entrusted copyright works. Copyright violation is an offense subject to complaint by the copyright owner under Copyright Act.