Mandate Management

HOMECopyright OwnersMandate Management

One(organization) who owns the copyright(the mandator) mandates the copyright(property rights) to trust management organization of copyright(the trustee = Korea Reproduction and Transmission Rights Association(KORRA)) for continuous management. The trustee manages the copyright(property rights) for benefit of the mandator. And legal relation of all this process. These all legal relations are "Mandate Management"
KORRA manages the copyright(property rights), especially reproduction and transmission rights of literature(poets, novels, essay),
scholarly work(thesis, columns, academic journals), image(arts, photos, illustrations) that one(organization) who own the copyright consigns.
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What KORRA Does

  • License to reproduce :
    License public photocopiers (in copyshops, companies, public offices, research institute, etc.) to reproduce the copyright works managed by KORRA
  • License to transmit :
    License e-books and e-journals providers, online education service providers, etc. to transmit the copyright works managed by KORRA
  • License international works :
    KORRA enters into the bilateral agreements with a large number of rights management organizations in other countries for the users in Republic of Korea to use the copyright works from abroad.
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